“Under current council leadership, the county will be subdivided and blacktopped from the Columbia River to the Lewis. We need an advocate for agriculture with rural life experience. Elect Eric Holt!”
- Warren Neth, Executive Director, Slow Food SWWA


  • South West Washington Central Labor Council

  • Washington Education Association

  • UA Local 26 Plumbers and Steamfitters

  • UA Local 290 Plumbers and Steamfitters

  • IBEW Local 48

  • The Columbian Editorial Board

  • Sierra Club

  • Our Revolution

  • Washington State Progressive Caucus

  • Washington Berniecrats Coalition

  • Clark County Democratic Central Committee

  • Young Democrats of Clark County

  • Clark County Democratic Women

  • 17th Legislative District Democrats

  • 18th Legislative District Democrats

  • 49th Legislative District Democratic Central Committee

Elected Officials

  • Doug Lasher -Treasurer, Clark County, WA "It is very evident the dysfunction of this Council and the need for strong creative thinking. I am pleased to endorse your candidacy for Council Chair.

  • Annette Cleveland -State Senator , 49th LD

  • Monica Stonier -State Representative, 49th LD

  • Sharon Wylie -State Representative, 49th LD “County Chair: as many know, I have had the honor to be elected in both the Oregon House of Representatives and now the Washington House of Representatives. In 1996 I served with Eileen Quiring in the Oregon House. She would not be elected if she did not have some good qualities and be trusted by her voters. But I strongly disagree with her policies and believe that those policies will not bring our County Council together in a productive way. I believe that her past affiliation with Lon Mabon in Oregon and continued efforts to curtail the rights of LGBT community members aligns her with groups that can rise to the level of hate groups. We would not allow someone’s religion to give them a pass on torturing puppies. Why would we allow religious beliefs to contribute to the suicide of some young people?

    More importantly, we have a young leader in Eric Holt who will inject new ideas and will work to create a functioning team. He has done his homework to understand the complexities of the job he is running for. He will provide balance along with Temple to make sure that all people have a voice in our county government. I support him because he is a great choice. And the alternative will violate the values I am most committed to upholding”

  • Bart Hansen- Vancouver City Council, Mayor Pro-Tem, “I fully support Eric and his candidacy for County Chair. He will do a great job”

  • Noel Frame -State Representative, 36th LD

  • Don Orange- Vancouver Port Commissioner, District 1

  • Eric LaBrant -Vancouver Port Commissioner, District 2

  • Chris Roberts - City Council Member-Former Mayor- Shoreline, Washington

  • Kathy Nordberg -Board Member- Hockinson School District

  • Richard Rogers -Chair- Clark County Democrats "It’s time for county chair who represents all of Clark County residents Not just the developers like the current chair does. The current county council is ineffective and can’t even hire a manager after 18 months. We need new leadership with a new vision to take us forward Let’s send a message loud and clear that the people of Clark County deserve better than what we’re getting now. A vote for Eric is a vote for true change."

  • Jodi Frisina -Vice Chair- Clark County Democrats

  • Joe Maldonado -Secretary- Clark County Democrats "Eric is someone who is deeply dedicated to his community. Someone who will work to make Clark County a better place for all of it's citizens. Who will work to make the Clark County Council function as it is supposed to function, with strong leadership and fundamental ethics."

  • Ian Coker - Chair- 18th Legislative District Democrats "I've known and worked with Eric for several years now, and I can personally attest to the superior quality of his character. Without any doubt, I know that Eric cares deeply about and is committed to the people of Clark County. No matter your party affiliation, Eric will listen carefully and give full consideration to your point of view. He is objective, thoughtful, considerate, and hard-working. We couldn't ask for a better person to represent us!"

  • Candy Bonneville -Vice Chair- 18th LD Democrats

  • Angela Wilkinson - Chair- 49th LDDCC

  • Terah Pitchford - Chair- 17th LDDCC

  • Aryn Oster -Treasurer- 17th LDDCC "Eric Holt is the best candidate for Clark County Council Chair, because he has integrity, will fight for the people of Clark County. He stands for building the economy, keeping and creating jobs in Clark County, and housing the houseless. He is a person who will truly LISTEN to all points of view and work hard for the solution that is best for all. He truly wants to represent YOU, the citizens of Clark County! I wholeheartedly support Eric, because he puts people before politics and profits. He stands for transparency, accountability and strong leadership that represents the people!"

  • Mike Pond -Southern Reginal Director- Young Democrats of Washington "Clark County citizens demand better government. We deserve quality representation, and an accessible and responsive council. Eric is the leader we need for today and tomorrow, together lets build a sustainable future for Clark County and all of SW WA. Please join me in supporting, and VOTING for Eric K. Holt for Clark County Council Chair!"

  • Georgia Davenport -WSDCC State Committee Rep. 33rd LD "Eric Holt is a strong advocate for working families and the community. He will ensure an equitable and just system of government in his position, and push for sustainable development, living wages, and utilize his experience chairing large organizations to ensure there is accountability in Clark County."

  • Susan Soto Palmer -PCO, State Committee Woman Yakima Democratic Central Committee "I earnestly endorse Eric Holt for Chair of the Clark County Council. Eric will focus on sensible, equitable solutions that benefit all of Clark County, improving quality of life and preserving precious resources while sustaining and improving economic resources. It is time for a "people-first" approach, and Eric's integrity and compassion will greatly benefit and improve the health and growth of Clark County."

  • Sara De La Fuente -PCO

  • Terri Niles -PCO, Outreach Committee Chair CCDCC "Eric has the ethics and integrity that is needed in Politics today. His leadership abilities will help our community grow and prosper. Please join me in support of Eric Holt for County Council Chair.

  • Joshua Seeds -PCO "Eric understands the needs and ideas of rural homeowners and landowners. He has a great deal of personal integrity and understands that disagreement is possible without rancor. His intelligence, decency, and open mind would make him an excellent county chair.

  • Shannon Biklen -PCO

  • Paulina Oberg

  • Rich Raitano -PCO

  • Jackie Lane -PCO

  • Sue Aberle -PCO, Precinct 640

  • Merridy McDaniel -Appointed PCO, Precinct 674

  • Veronica Child- PCO


  • David Nierenberg- This race for county chair defines what kind of community we want to live in and what kind of people we aspire to be. Eric will handle himself in an inclusive, tolerant, and bi-partisan manner on behalf of all of us. Each of us is known by the company we choose to keep, as well as the company we choose not to keep. Eric's opponent is a political ally of David Madore, a politician whom our community soundly repudiated four years ago for many good reasons. She refuses to repudiate Madore and his toxic legacy, which made Clark County the laughingstock of the Northwest and which brought civility and forward progress here to a standstill. Let her be defined by her poor choice of friends, while Eric moves us forward together, with common sense and common courtesy.

    Our county government's work is not political. Potholes know no parties. Public parks know no parties. Public health knows no parties. Protection from fire and crime knows no parties. Rather, the work of our county government is all about efficiently and humanely serving the needs of our community of almost half a million souls.

  • Lindsay A. Holt

  • Elliot K. Holt

  • Liam G.Holt

  • Aedan R. Holt

  • Juli C. Holt

  • Dallace J. Holt

  • Dakota R. Holt

  • Steve J. Holt

  • Al Bauer- Former Washington State Senator, 49th LD

  • Valerie Alexander

  • Kelly Lindgren

  • Marian Anderson

  • Laurel Whitehurst

  • Jim Moeller- Former 49th LD Representative and Washington House of Representatives Speaker Pro-Tem

  • Tim Probst- Former Washington State Senator and Representative from the 17th LD

  • Christy Stanley

  • Rob Frisina "Eric is great human. He’s enthusiastic. He’s positive. He enjoys helping people and like many of us he’s fed up with the gridlock, backdoor deals and deception of our current County Council who seemingly only serve to stifle our growth and cut deals for the Realtors Association. Eric is running to change that.

    Eric will bring much needed perspective to the conversation and expand the discussion to be sure that citizen input is heard, recognized and respected. 

    Eric understands the unique needs, challenges and potential for our county and has a vision that includes everyone. Eric understands the benefit and critical need to work together with other local, state and federal agency’s. Eric will work on the issues that matter most: jobs, housing and infrastructure. 

    Eric is the leader Clark County deserves. Demand better government. VOTE for Eric Holt!"

  • Mario Brown -Former Executive Director- Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization

  • Greg Saum -High School Teacher "Eric is highly supportive of our children and their education. I have been able to work with Eric several times in various activities were he has always been available to help us and help my students achieve their dreams. Eric truly cares about this county he cares about land-use and he wants to see our county grow in a responsible manner. He is a man of outstanding character and in this day and age character counts just as much as everything else."

  • Jason Friend - Director of Finance

  • Lee Jensen

  • Stephen Mickey, Finn Hill Studios ““My wife Golda and I have known Eric and his lovely family for many years as a neighbor. Only in the last two years have I known Eric as a creative thinker on the public issues that confront Clark County. Eric is well informed and thoughtful . He supports family values and progressive thinking. I know Eric will be an effective and well reasoned voice for change. We support Eric Holt for Clark County Chair!”

  • Jay Renaud

  • Richard McCluskey "Eric Holt’s integrity, compassion, and experience make him our best choice for Chair of the Clark County Council. Eric’s election would signal a new direction of people-first action within the Council resulting in a more harmonious and sustainable Clark County.
    Thank you Eric for your willingness to serve the people of Clark County in this important role during this critical time.
    With Eric’s leadership we can and we will do a better job of providing for the real needs of all people of Clark County in just and harmonious measure."

  • Elizabeth Sadewasser

  • Gale Beagle

  • Kristin Nordberg "Eric would be a wonderful county chair. He is honest and shows common sense. We need people who are fair minded and will listen to his constituents."

  • Ali Coker -Teacher

  • Paul Speer

  • James Barber -POPS "Eric likes the Police Officials Public Services & represents WE THE PEOPLE ! !"

  • JR Smith

  • Warren Neth -Executive Director, Slow Food SWWA "Under current council leadership, the county will be subdivided and blacktopped from the Columbia River to the Lewis. We need an advocate for agriculture with rural life experience. Elect Eric Holt!"

  • Amy Madden

  • Glenn Grossman "Eric is a forward-thinking candidate who is interested in the well-being of our community. He understands the issues facing our urban and rural communities and will offer practical and mutually beneficial ideas to the decision making process.
    Vote Eric Holt for County Council!"

  • Megan Jones

  • Janet James

  • Stephen Mickey “My wife Golda and I have known Eric and his lovely family for many years as a neighbor. Only in the last two years have I known Eric as a creative thinker on the public issues that confront Clark County. Eric is well informed and thoughtful . He supports family values and progressive thinking.I know Eric will be an effective and well reasoned voice for change. We support Eric Holt for Clark County Chair.”

  • Golda Dwass "I think that Eric will be an energetic leader in this position. The first time I heard him speak out was at a Democratic caucus several years ago. I was impressed with how articulate he was. I sense that he is very honest and ethical something that is lacking in some of our upper level politicians.

  • Michelle Wallace "Eric Holt's business acumen, personal integrity, and desire to serve will make him an invaluable asset to Clark County."

  • Peter Harrison- “Eric Holt is a man with heart, brains, and business sense. He'll stand up for the people of Clark County, our quality of life, and our future. He is a man who doesn't need to tell you to trust him; he's someone who earns trust. He'll make good decisions that benefit the citizens of our county instead of perpetuating the policies of two disgraced former councilors who were forced from office.”

    Eric's opponent, on the other hand, claims she is "the conservative you can trust." She supports the positions of those disgraced former County Council members who made decisions that resulted in failing to hire and train lifeguards at Klineline Pond and the deaths of swimmers there in 2015, and for denying the Cowlitz Tribe access to a publicly-owned sewage treatment facility that forced the tribe to instead inject their treated sewage into our county water table.

  • Chris Prothero "It's time for new leadership and equitable representation at the county level. Eric's rural lifestyle gives him the proper perspective needed to understand the concerns of rural citizens while being engaged at the local level sees and hears the concerns of the urban population.
    It's time to achieve balance to the County Council. I happily endorse Eric Holt for Chair."

  • Jenifer Barber

  • Katherine Graman “Eric values our rural lifestyle and would like progress in Clark County to stay true to this value.”

  • Liz Hallock

  • Kati Kavanagh

  • David Poland "Eric is one of the few Democratic locals I have spoken to who seems to respect everyone...no calling names, belittling, or being condescending. That means a lot today! We do not need dictators, or to elect people because they are rich and famous...we need people to lead and represent us who are One Of US.
    Eric did something kind long ago. He brought my mom eggs. Seems small, but my mom is has end stage renal failure and cannot afford the required protein. He happens to have a chicken farm and since mom cannot drive he came to her.
    I am not endorsing Eric because of a gift. I am endorsing him...which I never do...because I trust him. He's got a good heart, and can help lead us into prosperity.
    I asked him pointed questions about sidewalk issues for non-ADA compliance, and preserving farmland in our ever-shrinking fertile area. Because of our discussions over the past year, I am satisfied that he WILL make our county safer, healthier, and accessible for all.
    Please join me and make the right choice. Vote for decency in leadership. Vote Eric Holt."

  • Damion Jiles " I wholeheartedly endorse Eric Holt for Clark County Council at Large. He is the man that can get things done for our county!

  • Samuel Atkinson

  • David Coffing - HHSD Teacher "Eric Holt is one of the most open, honest and forthright individuals I have ever met. He is humble, realistic and pragmatic in his leadership style while remaining true to his word. He will provide equitable and open leadership for all of Clark County, not just the select few.
    It's time for new leadership that isn't beholden to special interests!"

  • Dayton Downs -Realtor

  • Jeff Angelo

  • Noelle Angelo -CDPt "Eric is very involved with our community and is compassionate and knowledgeable. I completely trust him to make decisions that are best for my community and family."

  • Steve Hoffmaster Canine Companions for Independence "I feel Eric Holt has what it takes to help our community, he is an awesome choice for Chair of Clark County Council. I give my complete support for Eric, we need him to lead our county forward!"

  • David Rice "It's time for a change that will be an improvement in Clark County. Eric Holt will provide this change through his proven leadership and skills. It's way past time to oust the old guard and bring in new individuals who will act for the benefit of all Clark County residents and businesses rather than sit around and merely talk."

  • Coralee Bauer

  • Monica Scheel "Eric is exactly the kind of leadership we need to be a happy, healthy, thriving community!! His focus is right where it needs to be - on people. I believe his integrity, value system and moral compass are a good fit in providing the leadership we need to impact real change, for real people!"

  • Karen Asbury "I have great respect for Eric Holt because of his integrity in representing the needs of our community, his values of equity and compassion, and because he's a forward-thinking problem-solver. Clark County will be well-served by his leadership."

  • Hector Hinojosa "Eric is intelligent, articulate, and engaging, He has been vocal about the needs of our county, be it homelessness, business, and the environment. Eric will be a great Council Chair, his experience of living in rural area, and aware of urban needs will bring balance to our county. We cannot pave over our farmland simply for short term gains."

  • Rhonda Walker "Our county has been needing a strong advocate for working families and the community. We are fortunate to have a man like Eric Holt step up and run."

  • Madeleine Morrow "Eric Holt is exactly the kind of candidate the county needs. He is progressive, hard working, and deeply cares about our communities. He has my hearty endorsement!"

  • George Curtain

  • Ginger May "Trustworthy, sincere, hard-working, and kind. A natural-born leader. Eric simply wants better for his three boys, his community, and this planet.

  • Stephanie Underland "Eric is caring, community & family oriented. His honesty, integrity & forward vision is something Clark County desperately needs on the County Council.

  • Steven Hayslip

  • Caressa Milgrove "Eric Holt has the integrity, fairness, knowledge, experience, and forward-thinking to best serve our fast-growing region. He understands both the needs of those living in the denser urban areas of Vancouver as well as those in the rural, far corners of Clark County. He values infrastructure and development as well as the conservation of green spaces. Most importantly, he deeply cares about the people of our community.
    Clark County deserves a leader like Eric Holt, and I greatly look forward to voting for him."

  • Melissa Boles

  • Tyler Dice Program Specialist- City of Portland “I can not say I know Eric personally, however, having read many of his interviews and gaining an understanding of what he stands for. I can say wholeheartedly that I support him. It is refreshing to see an individual running for a seat on County Council who one can easily relate to. Someone that, I believe understands the issues a working class family faces and can communicate effectively, realistic solutions. I am proud to say that Eric Holt has my vote.”

  • Heather Linberg

  • Joshua Egan

  • Joseph La fleur “There are about 35 different contradictions in terms with the statement, "A Conservative we can trust!" The GOP, has bought its way into too many of our lives and it has resulted in utter chaos!

    The people of Clark County need a chair that will represent the people of Clark County! Eric Holt’s opponent is nothing more than holdover garbage from the David Madore BS Clark County wisely rose above already! It is time to do it again!”

  • Tyler Smart

  • Nick Deatherage

  • Angela DeVito- “Many of us in Brush Prairie are concerned about the pro development bias from Ms. Quiring and other GOP officials. We do not want heavy industry, including asphalt plant, in Brush Prairie. We feel like the county and the officials involved in the Rail Dependent Industry law (Senate Bill 5517) have not acted with enough public involvement. We hope Eric wins so he can help us fight this. Keep Brush Prairie beautiful!”

  • Tracy Ceravolo

  • Heather Gaither

  • J Kent Meyer

  • James Hannon

  • Laureen Burger

  • Carla Gish

  • Dennis Gish

  • Xavier Reynolds

  • Sarah Kerr

  • Linda Micheal

  • Lucinda Karlic

  • Carrie Parks

  • John Latta

  • Didi Gray

  • Chris Edmonson

  • Deborah Trousdale

  • Hattie Stigum

  • Angela Redinger

  • Randon Guy

  • Sherry Fitzpatrick

  • William Shuford

  • Kathleen Lawrence

  • Terry Haught

  • Phil Landesberg

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