Our community deserves a County Council that represents each of us and not just interest of big money.

Every member of this community deserves a voice and to see our county functioning and working for them. As your Chair, I will bring consistent leadership to the council, and will fight for transportation changes that make your commute better, an increase in training for living-wage jobs, more access to affordable housing, and better preservation of our agricultural lands.

This is why I am running to be your next’s Clark County Council Chair (At-Large)

My Name Is Eric K. Holt…

I am running for Clark County Council At-Large Chair because we the people of Clark County are tired of the budget deficits and backroom deals that our County Councilors have engaged in over the past few years and we are ready for a change.

We want to see fair representation on the board for all the folks of Clark County. We need checks and balances, not the rubber stamp that comes from one party rule. The current board is made up of Five Republicans and Zero Democrats. This needs to change.

We need someone someone who will represent the common folk, and not the interest of big money and deep pockets.

Together, let’s move this community forward. I respectfully ask for your vote.

-Eric K. Holt

Eric & His Family

Eric K. Holt and his family have lived in Clark County for 8 years as residents of Hockinson, WA. He and his wife, Lindsay, are raising their 3 boys on a 5-acre farm and investing their time and energy in the community. Currently a Safety and Operations Manager in the mining industry, Eric has experience managing teams and advocating for his employees and their safety. Eric also has over 15 years of experience in logistics and transport, earned as a union employee in the Transportation Industry.

We want to see results. We want to see the crumbling infrastructure of old roads and bridges rebuilt. We want to see our interests, needs and wishes represented on the council, not the desires of the highest bidders. We want to see Clark County working again and working for the people of Clark County.

As the director of Safety and Health, I focus on policy, procedure, and implementation at mine sites in Washington, Oregon, and California. My greatest responsibility is the health, wellness and safety of our employees. I make sure everyone on our team has the skills and abilities to go home healthy and in one piece every day. I do this through Project management, communication, and follow-through, all necessary skills needed on the Clark County Council. I also work closely on budgetary projects to ensure all projects are fully funded and will be completed on time.

Finally, in my previous career, I was a Teamster truck driver and the shop steward for our Local 162, before being recruited by the company I worked for to become the area manager for over 60 other drivers throughout Oregon and Washington. I worked tirelessly to represent the needs of the drivers from both perspectives and across that aisle. I have a record of success working from different angles to achieve the best result for all involved.  

Elected Experience:

  • Shop Steward Teamsters, Local 162, 2011-2013

  • Precinct Committee Officer 2016

  • Vice Chair (Western Washington) WSPC

Professional Experience:  

  • 2015-Present - Regional Safety and Operations Manager - Gilmour & Company.
    Directing Safety and Health programs and policy for sites in WA, OR and CA.  Additional duties involve project management, purchasing, and balancing the budget.

  • Previous experience in the Transportation industry: Duties included managing 60+ truck drivers throughout WA and OR, supply chain operations and overseeing DOT compliance and training.

  • Board Certified Safety Professional.  

Education: BS Business Management, Western Governors University, 2014-2018